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epic   town

Epic Town is a social network where you can gain tokens by simply posting your pictures and getting likes from your friends and followers!

Isn’t that cool? You can now have fun taking pictures and at the same time you’ll get rewarded.

A predefined amount of tokens will be distributed on a regular basis based on the amount of likes collected, so be quick and be amongst the first to join because the more users, the more those tokens will be difficult to gain!


current   scenario

Pictures are taken in every moment of our life. People love to share their shots, no matter how good they are.

The anticipated gain for a non-professional user is getting appreciation in the form of likes or engagement. The gain for a professional photographer is advertising revenue for their work and marketing their services by showcasing their talent.

But one problem with pictures shared on the platforms currently used is copyrights. It’s tricky to understand who owns the pictures after posting them and how the different copyright levels work.



With the introduction of blockchain technology it has become easy to reward content creators across borders with tokens that gain value when there is enough interest in their product.

  • Steemit has demonstrated that publishing an interesting article generates a financial return.
  • BAT (Basic Attention Token) and the Brave browser have a solution to bypass rewards from publishers and pass it directly to the content creator.

“EPic town” aims to become a picture sharing platform with social network features that rewards the content that is liked the most by other users, while allowing posted pictures to be freely used by anyone, also for commercial purposes. The solution would minimize or even eliminate the complexities of reviewing copyright terms.


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